Wat Tyler

遂にUPしてしまいました、Wat Tyler。ああ、しかし、この徒労感は何だろう。
Guns 'n' Rosesや、Stevie Wonder、Prodigyなどを露骨にパロった曲やジャケには失笑しか出てきません。

Mambo Taxiとのスプリット以降の10枚の音源にチラホラあるといった感じで、
Wat TylerのHPには掲載されてますので、お暇な方はそちらでチェックしてみて下さい。

さて、この他にも、Wat Tyler単独のリリースでは「Ability Stinks」と、
「I Saw Then Once And Quite Frankly I Wasn't Impressed」というLPがあります。
どちらもメンバーであるSean自身のレーベル、Rugger Buggerから。
「I Saw Then Once And Quite Frankly I Wasn't Impressed」は限定5枚、
「Ability Stinks」はLP5枚組みの限定40枚(40セット)しかプレスされなかったそうです。
「I Saw Then Once And Quite Frankly I Wasn't Impressed」は、1st LPの内容を再録した物で、
「Ability Stinks」の方は、それまでの音源をまとめ上げた物なんじゃないかなぁ。

以下の音源一覧からも分かるように、メチャクチャにリリースが多いWat Tylerですが、
「I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles」、「The Fat Of The Band」、「Tummy」の3枚のCDで、その大半は聴けます。


Bavarian Drinking Songs(LP:Meantime)

01.Regina Coult
02.Johnny's Puppy
03.Bring Me The Head Of Gus Caesar
04.Keith Cassells
05.Foulmouth Graverobber
06.Decidedly Dodgy
07.The Thrusting Codpiece
08.Dung Heap
09.Tucker Rap
10.A Public House
11.Interfering With Play
14.Elm Park Tramp
15.Who's Game?
16.Life In The Toffee Apple
17.The Little People
19.It Must Be Boring Being In Snuff
20.Young Warriors

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles(CD:Rugger Bugger/Gap Recordings)

01.No I.D.
02.Hops And Barley
03.Heavy Metal Vivisector
04.We Pledge Our Allegiance To Satan
05.Coming Home (Parts 1 & 2)
06.Regina Coult
07.Johnny's Puppy
08.Bring Me The Head Of Gus Caesar
09.Keith Cassells
10.The Foulmouth Graverobber
11.Decidely Dodgy
12.The Thrusting Codpiece
13.Dung Heap
14.Tucker Rap
15.A Public House
16.Interfering With Play
18.Mutant Strike
19.Elm Park Tramp
20.Who's Game?
21.Life In The Toffee Apple
22.The Little People
24.It Must Be Boring Being In Snuff
25.Young Warriors
27.Sweet Child O'Mine
28.Even Great Men Talk Bollocks
31.The Day We Ommed On Next Door's Coffee Table
32.There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Saddam
33.Rude Boy
34.Terry Fenwick's Leg Takes Crack
35.The Smurf Song
36.Get Down On It
37.The Mindless Slaughter Of The Little People
38.Violent Precinct
39.Billy Bonds' Claret & Blue Army
40.It's Football Not Fuckin' Soccer
41.Mr. Punch
42.At The End Of The M1
43.Bat Out Of Surbiton
44.The Resurrected Zombie Little People Kick Arse
45.The Tools Of Satan & The Glorious Army Of The Supreme Soviet (I'm Feeling Mellow)
47.The Coachmen
48.Visions Of The Daughters Of Albion
49.Everything I Do
50.Washing Machine
51.9 To 5
52.There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Satan
53.Steven Do
54.Crappy Song For A Crappy Compilation

Tummy(CD:Rugger Bugger/Gap Recordings/Look Out)

01.Justify Your Book
02.Poems On The Underground
03.It Makes Me Belch
04.My Dead Relation
05.Hops & Barley (Acoustic)
06.Coming Home
07.Perry Groves
08.You've Stolen My Heart
09.The Definitive Love Song
10.How Does Ed Cope?
12.Billy Bonds Claret & Blue Army
14.Not Supersticious
15.James Whale
16.My Dead Relation 2
17.Rude Girl
18.Ruder Girl
19.Operation Ivy & Don Brennan
20.If The Kids Are United
21.Real Shocks
22.Smells Like Dog Poo
23.Our Wedding
24.100% Top Quality
25.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
26.Song For Guy Fawkes
27.Master Of The Universe
28.Fat Wa
29.Fat Wa (Arabic)
30.Four Minute Puzzle
31.Eternal Triangle
34.Too Young Too Bitter
35.Played For And Got
36.Big Girls Blouse
37.Wet Wet Wet (The Fucking Bed)
38.Rude Girl 2
39.The Little People Make Lurve
40.Fuck Pump
41.We Curse You A Wicked Satan
42.Steven Do
43.A Crappy Song For A Crappy Compilation

The Fat Of The Band(CD&LP:Rugger Bugger)

01.History Of The Soviet Union Part 1
02.Stranglers Hash Party
03.Spice Girls
04.I Am The Cider Drinker
05.Dungeon Master
06.Golden Age
08.Well Hard Geezer
09.Michael Bolton's Hair
10.Candle With The Wind
11.Fill Your Pants With Fear
12.Knocking On Heaven's Gate
14.Chasing Shadows
15.The Poet And The Punk
16.Bad Motha Fucka
17.Bill Clinton Sex Fiend
18.The Vicar And I
19.English Pride
20.Not Deep Enough


Contemporary Farming Issues(7":Rugger Bugger)

01.No I.D.
02.We Pledge Our Allegiance To Satan
03.Hops And Barley
04.Heavy Metal Vivisector
05.Coming Home (Parts 1 & 2)

Appetite For Axl(10":Rugger Bugger)

01.Sweet Child O'Mine
02.Even Great Men Talk Bollocks
05.The Day We Ommed On Next Door's Coffee Table
06.There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Saddam
07.Rude Boy
08.Terry Fenwick's Leg Takes Crack
09.The Smurf Song
10.Get Down On It
11.The Mindless Slaughter Of The Little People
12.Violent Precinct

Split With Thatcher On Acid(CD&LP:Allied Recordings)

01.Chagrin (Thatcher On Acid)
02.Put It In (Thatcher On Acid)
03.I'll Probably Laugh At This One Day (Thatcher On Acid)
04.Our Gods Are Falling Down (Thatcher On Acid)
05.My Favourite Mess (Thatcher On Acid)
06.Skin Banjo (Thatcher On Acid)
07.Gob (Thatcher On Acid)
08.Shakey (Thatcher On Acid)
09.Outwardly We're Lying: Inwardly We're Crying (Thatcher On Acid)
10.Distraction (Thatcher On Acid)
11.Revolution Of One (Thatcher On Acid)
12.Billy Bonds Claret & Blue Army (Wat Tyler)
13.Even Great Men Talk Bollocks (Wat Tyler)
14.Fenwick's Leg Takes Crack (Wat Tyler)
15.Violent Precinct (Wat Tyler)
16.Tools Of Satan And The Glorious Army Of The Supreme Soviet (Wat Tyler)
17.At the End Of The M1 (Wat Tyler)
18.The Mindless Slaughter Of The Little People (Wat Tyler)
19.Bat Out Of Surbiton (Wat Tyler)
20.Mr Punch (Wat Tyler)
21.The Resurrected Zombie Little People Kick Arse (Wat Tyler)
22.It's Football, Not Fuckin' Soccer (Wat Tyler)
23.Rude Boy (Wat Tyler)

Split With Leatherface(7":Clawfist)

01.Not Superstitious (Wat Tyler)
02.Discipline (Wat Tyler)
03.Hops And Barley (Leatherface)
04.A Public House (Leatherface)

Sexless(7":Damaged Goods)

01.Justify Your Book
02.Perry Groves
03.It Makes Me Belch
04.My Dead Relation
05.Coming Home (The Pirates Intercept)

And They Call It Puppy Love(7":Incognite)

01.You've Stolen My Heart
02.The Definitive Love Song
03.How Does Ed Cope?

Split With Helen Love(7":Damaged Goods)

01.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen(Wat Tyler)
02.Happiest Time Of The Year (Helen Love)

Rude Girls(7":Rugger Bugger)

01.Operation Ivy And Don Bren
02.Rude Girl

Split With J Church(7":Suspect Device)

01.Played For And Got (Wat Tyler)
02.Smells Like Dog Poo (Wat Tyler)
03.If The Kids Are United (Wat Tyler)
04.If I'm Lonely... (J Church)
05.At The End Of The M1 (J Church)

Split With Hurbesch Youth(7":Giovanett)

01.Everything I Do (Wat Tyler)
02.Johnny's Puppy (Wat Tyler)
03.Billy Bonds' Claret & Blue Army (Wat Tyler)
04.Violent Precinct (Wat Tyler)
05.Lagerfeuer (Hurbesch Youth)
06.Oberflachlichkeit (Hurbesch Youth)
07.Einverleibt (Hurbesch Youth)
08.Shiftwork (Hurbesch Youth)
09.Ganz Unten (Hurbesch Youth)

Split With Mambo Taxi(7":Honey Bear)

01.Nostalgic Period Drama (Wat Tyler)
02.Little Boy Lost Look (Wat Tyler)
03.Belgian Blues (Mambo Taxi)
04.Tom (Mambo Taxi)

Split With Monkhouse(7":Rejected)

01.Rainbow (Wat Tyler)
02.Washing Machine (Wat Tyler)
03.Fuck Pump (Wat Tyler)
04.Holidays In The Sun (Wat Tyler)
05.Kill Your Parents (Monkhouse)
06.I Don't Think So (Monkhouse)

I Wanna Be Billie Joe(7":Lookout)

01.The Little People Lurve
02.Rude Girl
03.Too Youg Too Bitter
04.The Eternal Triangle;A Modern Opera
05.For Minute Puzzle

The Little People(7":Rugger Bugger)

01.The Little People
02.The Mindless Slaughter Of The Little People
03.The Resurrected Zombie Little Poeple Kick Arse
04.The Little People Make Lurve

Split With Xpensive Dogs(CD:Hard Disc)

01.Freedom (Xpensive Dogs)
02.Dream (Xpensive Dogs)
03.Money For Love (Xpensive Dogs)
04.Sing Low, Down (Xpensive Dogs)
05.One Too Many (Xpensive Dogs)
06.She Says (Xpensive Dogs)
07.A Dog's End (Xpensive Dogs)
08.Justify Your Book (Wat Tyler)
09.It Makes Me Belch (Wat Tyler)
10.Billy Bonds' Claret & Blue Army (Wat Tyler)
11.Not Superstitious (Wat Tyler)
12.Jazz With Jumps (Wat Tyler)
13.Too Young Too Bitter (Wat Tyler)
14.Big Girl's Blouse (Wat Tyler)
15.Fat Wa (Wat Tyler)
16.Eternal Triangle (Wat Tyler)
17.No I.D. (Wat Tyler)
18.Slaughter Of The Little People (Wat Tyler)
19.Violent Precinct (Wat Tyler)
20.Mr. Punch (Wat Tyler)
21.Chasing Shadows (Wat Tyler)
22.The Little People Make Luvre (Wat Tyler)

Split With J Church 2(7":Suspect Device)

01.Go Buddy Go (Wat Tyler)
02.Freebird (Wat Tyler)
03.Crop Circles (J-Church)
04.Alone When She Dies (J-Church)

Split With Freaks Union(7":Peter Bower)

01.The Vicar And I (Wat Tyler)
02.Fuck Football (Wat Tyler)
03.Smack My Witch Up (Wat Tyler)
04.Waste Of Space (Freaks Union)
05.Friends (Freaks Union)
06.Polly Put The Kettle On (Freaks Union)

All That Glitters Is Not Gold(7":Dodgepot)

01.All That Glitter Is Not Gold

The Vicar And I (7":Boss Tuneage)

01.The Vicar And I
02.Ob Nasem Prazniku
03.The Ya Ya Song

Mr. Crust(7":Rugger Bugger)

01.The Sheriff Of Nottingham
02.Mr. Crust And Two Veg
03.Liar Liar (Pants On Fire)
04.History Of The Soviet Union Pt.2