「Ten Mile Day」や、「Think Of Earthquakes」は、その象徴的楽曲。
Travis Cutのメンバー主催のレーベル、Fireflyから単独音源を2つと、

デビュー音源、Mother StoatからのスプリットEPを出す以前には

以下の音源の他には、Speedowaxからの「Punk Rock Disc 4」に「New Scars」、
Biscay Recordsというレーベルからの「Uomo Al Mare」に「Breaking On Shores」、
「Beast Of British」に「Crushed Under Foot」を収録しています。

Split With Vanilla Pod(7":Mother Stoat)

01.Jonah (Scuttle)
02.Pooh Bear (Vanilla Pod)

Split With Clingfilm(7":Neveready)

01.Crushed Underfoot (Scuttle)
02.Straight Forward (Scuttle)
03.Wholes In My Shoes (Clingfilm)
04.Girl Psyck (Clingfilm)

Testing The Strength Of The Surface(CD:Firefly/Fuxony)

01.Social Collapsing
02.Adjustment Disorder
03.Ten Mile Day
04.This Hateful Place
05.Six Month Repitition

Split With Scond Rate(CD:Firefly/Prehisto)

01.Small Wars Fought Everyday (Scuttle)
02.Rise And Fall Of Me And You (Scuttle)
03.Damage Assessment (Scuttle)
04.Driven To Magnetic North (Scuttle)
05.Gravity Caused Me To Crash And Burn (Scuttle)
06.What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (Second Rate)
07.Ozzy Kicks Your Ass (Second Rate)
08.With The Sun (Second Rate)
09.Them (Second Rate)
10.Distorted Vision (Second Rate)
11.Impitoyable (Second Rate)

Fireworks For Summer(CD:Firefly)

01.I Think Of Earthquakes
02.June And July Exploding
03.Make A Decision And Stick To It
04.Subject Matter Closed
05.The Science Of Distance And Travel