もちろん、ここ日本でも多くのファンがいる訳でして、Boss TuneageのAstonによると

以下の音源以外では、Dag NastyへのトリビュートCD「Her Head's On Fire」に「Fall」、
Retch RecordsからのV.A「Revenge Of The Killer Crash Helmets」に
「Our Story Goes Like This」と、「Something's Got To Give」については
同じくPigdogからリリースされた「The Best Punk Rock In Japan, Tomodachi」や、
GanとLithium Joeのスプリットなどと併せて海外通販を試みてみるのも良いのではないでしょうか。

I can't remember all the times I tried to tell myself to hold onto these moments as they pass.


You Can Dye Your Hair...But Not Your Heart(CD:Boss Tuneage/KYMF)

01.Always 18
02.Another Bad Day
03.Downward Curve
04.Disappear From View
05.Kid Who Felt A Fake
06.Short Straw Wins
07.God In Conversation
10.Take A Big Fall
11.Everyday Killer

Our Story Goes Like This(CD:Pigdog)

01.Signposts And Alleyways
02.Selling Sand To The Arabs
03.All The Time In The World
04.Johnny's Not Mad
05.Best Years Of Your Life
06.Just Kids
07.Hit The Bottle
08.Last Of The Punk Rock Stars
09.Don't Go
10.Terminal Youth

Tour Issue(CD:Boss Tuneage/Ding Doing Dictch)

01.Song Of Dawn
02.Forget The Girl
03.Signposts And Alleyways
04.Everybody Wants To Be A Star
05.Always 18
06.Selling Sand To The Arabs
07.Johnnys Not Mad
08.Boys On Fire
09.Empire Builder
10.Hit The Bottle
11.Selling Sand (Acoustic)

Versus Everything(CD&LP:Boss Tuneage/CD:Pigdog/CD:Snuffy Smile/CD:No Idea)

01.Everyone's An Idiot
02.It's Your Birthday
03.Y'fuckin Freak
04.Understanding Amy
05.Next Stop Nowhere
06.Now It's Gone
07.Head Held High
08.Too Much Music & Too Many Bands
09.Dead City Radio
10.Alive Under Starlight

Snuffy Smile Version Bonus Track
11.Back In '79
12.I'll Take The Records, You Take The Rest

Here's To Hope(CD:No Idea)

01.The Undisputed King Of England
02.The Causeway Rocks
03.Everyday There's A New Reason To Do The Right Thing
04.New Sound
05.You Break Me
06.Time Capsule
07.All Of My Heroes Are Dead
08.Births, Deaths And Marriages
09.A Summer Car And A Winter Car
10.Here's To Hope


Fettered(CD:Boss Tuneage/Out Of Order)

01.God In Conversation
04.Take A Big Fall

Always 18(CD:Pigdog)

01.Always 18
02.Another Bad Day
03.Downward Curve
04.Disappear From View
05.Kid Who Felt A Fake
06.Short Straw Wins

Something's Got To Give(CD:Pigdog)

01.England Eats It's Young
02.Millenium Breakdown
03.Something's Got To Give
04.Revolution Food
05.Games People Play

Split With Astream(7":Mother Stoat)

01.Johnny's Not Mad (Annalise)
02.On Behalf Of The Human Race (Astream)

Signposts And Alleyways(7":Boss Tuneage)

01.Signposts And Alleyways
02.Empire Builder

Split With Snatcher(7":Snuffy Smile)

01.Selling Sand To The Arabs (Annalise)
02.Something Got To Give (Annalise)
03.Deep Swamp (Snatcher)
04.Step (Snatcher)

Split With The 'tone(7":Suspect Device)

01.Hit The Bottle (Annalise)
02.Little Things (Annalise)
03.I Don't Wanna Talk About It (The 'tone)
04.Don't You Just Know It (The 'tone)

Split With Meanderthal(7":Squirrel)

01.Forget The Girl (Annalise)
02.Everybody Wants To Be A Star (Annalise)
03.Waste (Meanderthal)
04.Mammal (Meanderthal)
05.Bongapella (Meanderthal)

Too Much Music&Too Many Bands(CD:Boss Tuneage)

01.Too Much Music & Too Many Bands
02.Our Own Hideaway
03.Forget The Girl

Split With Navel(7":Water Slide)

01.Y'fuckin Freak (Annalise)
02.The Time Is Now (Annalise)
03.November (Navel)
04.Down (Navel)

Split With J-Church(7":Beat Bedsit)

01.Head Held High (Annalise)
02.I'll Take The Records (Annalise)
03.Fuck School (J-Church)
04.Asphyxia By Submersion J-Church)

Split With Gunmoll(7":Boss Tuneage/7":No Idea)

01.Look At You,Superhero (Annalise)
02.16 Bottle Empty (Annalise)
03.Fantasy (Gunmoll)
04.In My Place (Gunmoll)

Split With Three Minute Movie(7":Snuffy Smile)

01.One Final Chance (Annalise)
02.You Could Make A Difference (Annalise)
03.Why Don't You Dance (Three Minute Movie)
04.Notes Of A Dirty Old Man (Three Minute Movie)