The Bastard Can't Dance(CD:Snuffy Smile)

01.Spraypaint - I Want The Moon
02.The Because - Peasant In Paradise
03.Navel - Not A Day Goes By
04.Zero Fast - Evo Pop
05.Longball To No One - Razor Blades And Asprin/Leatherface
06.Pear Of The West - Don't Work
07.Drift Age - Baked Potato
08.The Urchin - Colorado Joe/Lenningrad Vlad
09.Life Indicator - The Scheme Of Things
10.Deeds Not Word - Do The Right Thing
11.1000 Travels Of Jawaharlal - Shipyards
12.I Excuse - Pale Moonlight

(1)‘ź‚Ĺ‚Í–˘Žű˜^/previously unreleased
(2)’P“ƉšŒš‚Ć‚Í•Ęƒo[ƒWƒ‡ƒ“/different version from each band's stuff
(3)’P“ƉšŒš‚ÉŽű˜^/cut from each band's stuff
So why do you keep humming along now...