Snakebite City 11(CD:Bluefiremusic)

01.Scarlet Soho - Receiving Order
02.Riviera - Lya Taboo
03.Carmel Morris - Illegal Operation
04.Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia - Delay/Decay/Attack
05.Vic Twenty - Ibiza Mon Amour
06.Schmoof - Chocolate Boyfriend
07.Deadbeat Radicals - Cool
08.Motormark - Ringo (225 bpm remix)
09.Vis The Spoon (feat.Lunch) - Transcience (Gusset mix)
10.Carfax - My Fallen Angel
11.The Reject Club - Strange Times At Junior High
12.Riviera - Pick Up Star
13.Vic Twenty - Kiss You
14.Motormark - Yes Ya Si Oui
15.Ex-Rental - Sophie's Audition
16.Gussett - Dodgy
17.Ciccone - Let the Alcohol Control Your Body
18.Schmoof - Sweet Child O'Mine
19.Scarlet Soho - Disconnected
20.Sunnyvale Noise Sub Element - I Love You Every Time You Smile
21.David Devant & His Spirit Wife - Oh No
22.Macondo - Local Boy'z

(1)‘ź‚Ĺ‚Í–˘Žű˜^/previously unreleased
(2)’P“ƉšŒš‚Ć‚Í•Ęƒo[ƒWƒ‡ƒ“/different version from each band's stuff
(3)’P“ƉšŒš‚ÉŽű˜^/cut from each band's stuff
So why do you keep humming along now...