Oi! Sound Of UK(CD:Mystic)

01.Visions Of Change - Roundabouts And Swings *(3)
02.Oi Polloi - Leaders
03.Napalm Death - Point Of No Return
04.H.D.Q. - There Comes A Time *(3)
05.Deviated Instinct - Mechanical Extinction
06.Offspring - Nightlife
07.Cowboy Killers - Autobiography *(3)
08.Decadance Within - We Could Be
09.Karma Sutra - Crisis? What Crisis?
10.Instigators - The Sleeper
11.Ripcord - Eternal Tomb
12.Dan - Ploppy's Revenge *(3)
13.Eyes On You - Not For Me
14.Autonomy - Sweet Dreams
15.Feed Your Head - Living With The Gun *(3)
16.Napalm Death - Human Garbage
17.Civilised Society - Epitaph
18.Instigators - Eye For An Eye
19.Instigators - Dine
20.Instigators - Hedonsim
21.Instigators - Computer Age
22.Instigators - The Fix
23.Instigators - Doomsday
24.Instigators - Rules
25.Instigators - Old Is Sad

備考:オリジナルは「Sound Of U.S. Colonies-Airstrip One」という題名で、
同じくMystic Recordsから'89年に17曲入りのLPとしてリリース。

(1)他では未収録/previously unreleased
(2)単独音源とは別バージョン/different version from each band's stuff
(3)単独音源に収録/cut from each band's stuff
So why do you keep humming along now...