Leatherface Tribute(CD/Rubber Factory)

01.A Death In The Family - Watching You Sleep
02.The Dukes Of Hillsborough - Eddy Bumble
03.The Sainte Catherines - Sour Grapes
04.Crimson Mire - Soundbites
05.Popzillas - I Want The Moon
06.The Great St.Louis - I Don't Want To Be The One To Say It *(1)
07.Tenement Kids - Pandora's Box
08.Wat Tyler - Not Superstitious *(3)
09.The Fallout - Bowl Of Flies
10.Monikers - In The Real World
11.Hot Water Music - Springtime
12.In The Red - Patrick Kills Me
13.The Rosie Jones Band - Discipline
14.Former Cell Mates - Don't Work *(1)
15.Mike Magarelli - Box Jellyfish
16.The Tim Version - Plastic Surgery
17.Chuck Ragan - Trenchfoot
18.The Gunshy - In My Life
19.Open Sewage - Shipyards
20.Mike Hale - Leatherface Fan

02.Anthem Red - Plebs
03.Kover - Wax Lyrical
04.Four Dumb Kids - Deep Green Beautiful Levelling *(1)
05.Nothing In Common - Gangparty
06.Tiltwheel - New York State
07.Drunk - Razor Blades And Aspirin
08.Radon - Speak In Tongues
09.Sinkin' Ships - Peasant In Paradise
10.Zwei Tage:Ohne Schnupftabak - All I Need
11.Rentokill - Trenchfoot
12.Madstateworld - Grip
13.Driveway Speeding - Cabbage Case *(1)
14.Vena Cava - Daylight Comes
15.Erase Today-Games *(1)
16.Steady State - Evo Pop
17.Four Letter Word - Dead Industrial Atmosphere
18.Sound Bites - Part one
19.For The Day - Live For You
20.Sound Bites - Part two
21.2 Pump Louie - Not A Day Goes By

(1)‘ź‚Ĺ‚Í–˘Žű˜^/previously unreleased
(2)’P“ƉšŒš‚Ć‚Í•Ęƒo[ƒWƒ‡ƒ“/different version from each band's stuff
(3)’P“ƉšŒš‚ÉŽű˜^/cut from each band's stuff
So why do you keep humming along now...