Biting Back(CD:Words Of Warning)

01.RDF - Martin Foran (Live)
02.The Sea - Hurricane (Live)
03.ADS3 - I Never Knew There Was So (Live)
04.Citizen Fish - Give Me Beethoven (Live)
05.Bender - Explode (Live)
06.Scum of Toytown - Sink Or Swim (Live)
07.Ramraiders Ita - Wildside (Live)
08.Spoken Word (Live)
09.Blade - Suck On My Electric Guitar (Live)
10.Fun'da'mental - The Wrath Of The Black Man (Live)
11.Rhythm-Ites - Famine and Pressure
12.Zu - Young (Live)
13.Blyth Power - Vane Tempest (Live)
14.Spoken Word (Live)
15.Snuff - All Together Now (Live)
16.Credit To the Nation - Pump Your Fist (Live)
17.Wat Tyler - Masters Of The Universe (Live)

(1)‘ź‚Ĺ‚Í–˘Žű˜^/previously unreleased
(2)’P“ƉšŒš‚Ć‚Í•Ęƒo[ƒWƒ‡ƒ“/different version from each band's stuff
(3)’P“ƉšŒš‚ÉŽű˜^/cut from each band's stuff
So why do you keep humming along now...