See Her Tonite

以下の音源以外には、7"でのV.A.「TV Tackle」に「Suffer Girl Pt.2」、
Water SlideとGrapefruit Moonの共同でリリースした7"のV.A.「Free Will」に「Not My Place」、
そして、CDでのV.A.「Sunny Holiday 3」に4曲を提供した内の2曲、
「Tell Me What The Truth Is」と、「We Ain't The Same」が他では未収録となっています。
その内の2つ(両方とも1曲入り)は「Friday 13th」のCD-Rに収録されましたが、
「A44'll Get You」と、「Sine Poster」には依然として他では未収録の曲が沢山収められています。
特に「Sine Poster」は15曲入りとボリュームも大きいので、是非聴いておきたい一品であります。
また、サタケ氏がSee Her Tonite以前に参加していたバンド、
Fun Fun Attitudeのディスコグラフィーについてはこちらからどうぞ。
さらに、サタケ氏のソロ・アコースティックCafe Wha?についてはこちら


It's All Over Now, Baby Blue(CD:Grapefruit Moon)

01.Gone Already
02.And Now, We Are...
03.My Number One
05.Linger On
06.Runnin' On The Road
07.Bum Around
08.Don't Leave Me Alone
10.Laugh Away
11.The Passage Of Time
12.Walkin' In The Rain
13.Same Old Shit
14.Almost Losin' My Mind

Still Crazy After All These Years(CD:Grapefruit Moon)

01.I Don't Care
03.Loser's Song
04.Still At All
05.Farer & Farer
06.The Hottest Season
07.If You Were Mine
08.Passin' Through
09.Everyday Lasts
10.Somewhere Not Here
13.Sparkle Horse Jr.
14.Crazy Days
16.Sweet Baby, You're Cool

Soda Days 1997-2002(CD:Grapefruit Moon)

01.The Band's Gonna Play That Song Tonight
02.My Life Is Mine
03.Song Of Sinking
04.Good To Know You
06.Sweet Baby Jesus
07.My Time Goes
08.And For The Last Time You Left Me
09.Feeling Inside
10.Thank You For Being Here
11.Nobody's Here
12.Flown Away
13.Hear My Song
14.In My Room
15.Crawl Out
16.I Gotta Change
17.On The Radio
18.Teenage Fungirl
19.In A Parade
20.Kill My Pain
21.When The Night Comes Fallin' From The Sky

Could You Be My Little Movie Star?(CD:Fixing A Hole)

01.Will I Love Somebody Again?
02.Everybody Is Vacant
03.Silly Stories
04.Perfect Silence
05.You're Such A Girl
06.Hold It On
07.The Farthest Corner Of The Earth
08.Your Song Resounds
09.Lost In You
10.Upside Down
11.Going Somewhere
12.Forgot To Love


My Life Is Mine(7":Grapefruit Moon)

01.Good To Know You
03.Song Of Sinking
04.My Life Is Mine

Split With Wear(CD:Swallow Tail)

01.In My Room (See Her Tonite)
02.Crawl Out (See Her Tonite)
03.The Boneheads Was Cool (See Her Tonite)
04.Get Back Life (See Her Tonite)
05.1010 (Wear)
06.Never Get (Wear)
07.My House (Wear)
08.There Is No Age Of Dream Like I Was Pictureing To Myself (Wear)

Split With Blocko(7":Water Slide)

01.Dissimulation (See Her Tonite)
02.Don't Ask Me (See Her Tonite)
03.Drag (Blocko)

Miss Lonely Are You Blue(CD:Grapefruit Moon)

01.Broken & Tame
02.Midnight Blue
03.I Wanna Feel It
05.Quit That Shit
06.The Hottest Season

Friday 13th(CD-R:Grapefruit Moon)

01.Friday 13th